Saturday, 18 May 2013

I am seeing no reason to remain in NZ.  Everyone should take their kids here, Aus or Dubai.  There is no incentive to work in NZ at all.  Bugger this place.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A few of the games I have been playing lately are Arma 2 and one I bought today Call of Juarez the Cartel which i have yet to play.  Arma 2 is pretty stunning game for realism.  Some of the graphics are pretty incredible.  I will try to post some videos of gameplay later.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

I have been in NZ 2 years now.  I began in an area called Nelson, which I quickly escaped from.  The rental property was more akin to an asylum, with constant fights between tenants and Police regularly at the premises up to 3 times a day.  There were all kind of problems, mainly drugs.  It was needless to say, not a nice place at all, even the security guard who was on duty was trying to leave to go back to trucking.  Definatly one of the worst places I have ever experienced.  Nothing good there at all.

I moved on to the Wellington area and met a Maori woman off the internet and have been together 2 years.  Wellington is a slight improvement but not much.  It's still ran by the local mafia who like mostly drinking all your money with the false promise of a job at the end...  Kids have little or no respect for adults.  I have several times seen young kids stealing shopping trolleys, things like this, with no discipline from parents.  People here like to use all your stuff, like computers, phones, motorbike, car whatever.  It is similar to living in Shetland, where my house is yours type setup. The only real good thing about NZ is the weather, however your average Kiwi doesn't make use of it at all and likely lives off fish 'n chups and a satellite tv connection.  Recently the NZQA walked off the job, so there is no governing certification body here at all.  In other words, certs gained in this country are invalid.  Indeed a teacher here was recently arrested for child offences.  Also there was a large dispute over the teaching pay system, with some employees not being paid in months whilst others were overpaid, with debt collectors now chasing them for money.  Average wise, most people are unemployed, with no regular satisfactory income which is why a large majority of young kiwis emigrate to Australia in the hope of better wages (which i have been there, indeed wages are slightly better but not by leaps and bounds.)  All the oil work in New Plymouth dried up in the 80's with no driving industry to replace it.  Otherwise it's a relatively safe place.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

So as this week has been a game playing fest.  I have posted a few others here which run fluid.
The first is a recording of driving game called GRID which came out about 2007.  I don't think there are many better driving games than this out just now.  Indeed Gran Turismo on the PSX is the better game, but on the PC this is about as good as it gets.  Check these graphics out running on built in GMA3000, incredible...
The other posting is of John Daleys Prostroke golf, which is a great game also.  It's only competitor is Tiger Woods 12.  Both games are about equal in actual "fun" factor, if you are into golf at all...

The other game I have been playing is a Beta version of Tiger Woods 12.  Also playing John Daly's Prostroke golf which is probably the better game, but a bit buggy in places. 
Here's a small video of the Beta, unless it's already out yet, who knows, but it's pretty much the same as the old version, which is a good thing really...

So have pretty much been playing Flight Sim X over the last week and tweaked the graphics.  They say that if you get over 10fpx with FSX you are doing well.  Mine average about 20, fluctuating from 10 to 50, giving a pretty fluid simulation.  I run a I3 Dual Core at 2.3Ghz with 4GB of ram.  The graphics is the built in HD3000 solution and I am constantly amazed by this GMA chipset.  It runs pretty much you throw at it, so long as you spend a while tweaking.  There are parts of FSX that you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference of it being a real video.  Check out some of the flights I have done over the last week or so.

Monday, 26 November 2012

After months of sitting around getting angry because the painters haven't arrived yet, things are slowly progressing.
We finally got the painting approved and work can commence now. 
During watching small episodes of TV it appears there is a film here being launched tonight or tommorow.  I can't say i'm impressed with the disease it will spread, although i'm sure it is well produced.  I tend to steer well clear of launches due to the intense hype generated. 
The international situation doesn't seem to improve any.
Kids now looking for jobs when there are none, adults looking for work when there is none, teachers not getting paid, people not doing their jobs.
Only today did i get a proper quote for getting the bins emptied on a weekly cycle...
Anyways, not a lot else to piece together for now.  The UK weather has went haywire again, due to everyone's selfishness and reliance on petrol.  The same thing will happen in NZ like it did in Aus, but we might hold out a few months longer, who knows.  My opinion is at the world rate of fuel consumption it's possible that we will get maybe 3 or 4 months completely clear of bad weather, then it will probably reach here too causing localised flooding.  Best to grab these films before they are all soaked to bits and unwatchable.